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Types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Most players in online casinos are already familiar with no deposit bonuses, but some new players may not be so sure of what these really are. When a casino offers a no deposit bonus, they are essentially allowing the player to try out the casino at no cost and with no risk. The player will not have to make any cash deposit in order to receive the bonus and this will allow new players to try out the casino and test some of the available games before they decide whether they want to make a cash deposit and continue playing at that online casino.

There are many types of no deposit casino bonuses and players can find all of these offered at various casinos. Most casinos will only offer one or two types of these bonuses. There are eight different no deposit bonuses that are available and players should know what each entails before they accept the bonus from the casino.

The most common type of no deposit bonus is a straight bonus. This is when the casino offers a set amount of cash to be awarded without a deposit, usually ranging from $1 to $100.More than 95% of these bonuses have wagering requirements that must be met before winnings can be withdrawn.

Free play is another no deposit bonus where players will be allotted a period of time in which they can play games for free. Most of these will also come with an allowed amount of credits that can be used. Credits won can then be transferred to a real money account and players can withdraw when they meet requirements in the terms and conditions. Free spins is a similar type of bonus. Instead of having a set amount of time, players will be awarded a certain number of spins on a slot machine.

Surprise Money is probably the best no deposit casino bonus available. These are usually awarded as a gift to registered players for a birthday or holiday. Some casinos will mail out special offers in a Standard mail Flyer. These can include onetime coupon codes for free money from the casino.

No deposit casino bonuses through a third party web site are popular and will require the player to sign up at an affiliate casino in order to receive a coupon code for free plays or money. Another common no deposit casino bonus is a free play money bonus that cannot be transferred to a real money account. None of the bonus money or money won from the bonus can be withdrawn. These are very common on sites that offer bingo or lottery games.

The last type of no deposit casino bonus is the free loyalty point bonus. This is when players are awarded a certain number of loyalty points for signing up at the site. The points can later be exchanged for casino credits or cash and these bonuses are the best type to look for in a casino. Though these are very rare, they are the truest form of free money bonuses available.

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